Learn: The Plush + Oak Cavaletti Vegan Leather Range

Our construction and material is the real reason why choosing Plush + Oak to furnish your salon is the smartest investment you can make both in the short and long term. 
Learn: The Plush + Oak Cavaletti Vegan Leather Range

When it comes to salon furniture, Plush and Oak understands that quality matters. In this blog post we discuss the difference between our Top Quality Vegan Leather (Cavaletti Vegan Leather) and competitors in the salon furniture industry. Our construction and material is the real reason why choosing Plush + Oak to furnish your salon is the smartest investment you can make both in the short and long term.

Plush + Oak vegan leather is actually a top quality vinyl. Vinyl doesn't sound quite as beautiful as vegan leather, so we went with the later. Nonetheless -- we use all luxury grade Vinyl materials in our upholstery. Let's learn about Vinyl vs PU and Vinyl vs Genuine Leather. 

Vinyl vs PU (Polyuerethane). 

Polyurethane is a less than ideal material for any piece of salon furniture, and is what is commonly used in products imported from Asia and in salon furniture companies who don't manufacture within North America. PU Leather is used in Asia because it looks good initially, is extremely easy to upholster with due to it being very thin, and it is extremely cost effective. Vinyl however, has been proven to last years longer in the field than polyurethane, which succumbs to moisture loses elasticity over time.. so that inexpensive piece of furniture isn't so cost effective when needing to replace or repair it annually.

Vinyl is not susceptible to water or moisture from occupants. That is why vinyl is used in high traffic areas that need to be moisture sprayed like restaurants, boats, hospitals, and more. With the correct top finish, many vinyl fabrics feel like natural leather (Read more about Plush + Oak's specific vinyl later in this post). Interestingly, all major automotive companies have replaced all polyurethane and most leather upholstery with vinyl fabrics for durability reasons.

Cleanability With the COVID-19 pandemic making it critical to properly disinfect surfaces, cleanability has become one of the most important characteristics of upholstered surfaces. Vinyl is highly cleanable, standing up to the rigors of bleach and quaternary ammonia. In contrast, polyurethane is vulnerable to many cleaning agents and disinfectants, making it more difficult to clean without damaging the material, resulting is fading, flaking and brittleness.

That cleanability, along with vinyl’s ability to serve as an effective barrier against germs, has made it invaluable for use in personal protection equipment, protecting medical professionals from some of the most virulent diseases in the world.

Vinyl vs Genuine Leather

Genuine Leather will always be the king (or queen) of upholstery as far as look and feel goes. This animal product is durable and the most easily as it is a natural product and not a manufactured one. However, Vinyl still has some benefits over leather (besides the fact that vinyl is animal friendly, and a lot more more cost effective... it all comes down to: stain resistance and ease of care. 

Vinyl takes the cake when it comes to stain resistance, even over genuine leather. It's manufactured barrier makes it a breeze to clean vs leather which absorbs spills and stains. For salon furniture, we believe this to be of utmost importance, so besides Vinyl being more cost effective and animal friendly -- its ease of care is unparalleled. Leather requires routine conditioning and cleaning, versus vinyl which only requires a simple wipe down with water or a dust rag to maintain.

But... not all Vinyl is created equal! There are many grades of Vinyl products, so let's dive deeper into what makes Plush + Oak's standard when it comes to upholstery material.

Plush + Oak's Vegan Leather (Vinyl)


Softness and Graining

We all love leather, but it always comes with maintenance and a little bit of guilt knowing an animal has been killed for our furniture. However, Plush + Oak's vinyl is manufactured with technologies that make it truly feel like leather. The softness, pliability, and Graining and Veining in our material really make it a dead ringer (pun intended) for leather... with no animals harmed! 

Abrasion Rating and Durability

Our vegan leather materials boast a 200,000 double rub rating, which refers to a standardized test used to measure fabric's resistance to wear and tear. To put this into perspective, many imported salon furniture products utilize PU leather with a far lower rating, leading to common issues like seam ripping and tears. In contrast, Plush and Oak’s materials are designed to endure high traffic commercial use, outlasting conventional materials and retaining their fresh appearance. Our materials are “high commercial use” rates which means they are utilized in industries such as: hospitals, restaurants, luxury boats, and salons. Essentially, anywhere there is lots of wear and tear — our materials are approved for.

When shopping for salon furniture, always ask about the abrasion rating. It is the single most important thing to understand the durability of your product. Anything under 100,000 double rubs will break down and tear in 12 months or less. Whereas plush + oak beds stand up to years of heavy usage.

Bleach Resistance and PermaBLOCK Plus+

Unlike ordinary furniture, our salon products are bleach resistant. Given the extensive use (8+ hours daily) of salon furniture, and sanitation needs within the salon industry, this resistance becomes a crucial factor. With our vegan leather you can rest easy knowing it can handle spraying between clients and incessant use while your salon is open.

Plush + Oak's vegan leather range is also treated with PermaBLOK Plus which is not an upgrade or extra cost to our customers. It is our standard for all of our furniture items.  PERMABLOK PLUS+ from SPRADLING® is a newly developed protective coating combining the well-known and proven PERMABLOK formula (anti-bacterial and anti-abrasion) with an enhanced resistance to stains: it seals the surface providing a shield against stains, makes cleaning easier and improves removal of dye-transfer*.

Care and Cleaning of Cavaletti Vegan Leather

Between Clients: To care and clean for your Plush + Oak products, simply spray your bed down sparingly with state board disinfectant. You may use a cavicide or disinfectant for materials. See our list of approved cleaners HERE. Then, immediately dry so no moisture is left on the bed ensuring to get into any crevices.

End of Day: At the end of the day, use Dawn Dish Soap and water blend (20 parts water to 1 part Dawn) to spray the bed down and remove any chemical residue which can dehydrate the leather. 

Once a month: Use a Vinyl conditioner or balm to hydrate the vinyl and keep it soft and supple.

Commitment to Longevity

Purchasing salon furniture is a significant decision, and Plush and Oak is committed to ensuring the longevity of our products. Our high-end foam does not lose shape over time, as we utilize a comfort suspension system that is webbed with luxury grade upholstery strapping. This allows for the bed to have a couch like “sink in” feel — unlike most imported salon furniture that simply has foam covering a hard plywood base. Our suspension is the same that is used by high end home furniture companies and ensures that there is “give” in the product and it’s not being compressed by heavy usage. hard surfaces covered with foam will break down over the years which is why we take this extra step to ensure our salon bed longevity. The internal webbing we use adds to the resilience and comfort, guaranteeing a lasting investment.

We take great pride in having customers who have been using our beds for 3+ years, and their beds still look like the day they received them. This is a testament to the durability and quality that Plush and Oak provide.


Your brand represents your identity, and our products come in many different shades to match and elevate your brand. Enhance your client experience, attract more customers, and retain them with the elegant, timeless appeal of our furnishings.

Elevate Your Branding for Years to Come

Plush and Oak's commitment to quality and excellence sets us apart in the world of salon furniture. From the robust abrasion rating of our vegan leather to the thoughtful design of our foam and webbing, every aspect of our products is meticulously crafted. Whether you are a salon owner looking for furniture that will endure the daily grind or a designer seeking elegant and resilient pieces for commercial spaces, Plush and Oak offer a solution that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Choose Plush and Oak. Choose quality that lasts. Our swatch samples are always complimentary, because we want you to touch and feel each swatch as well as be able to try them in your space. Get yours HERE. Shop our patented Edda Ergonomic Salon bed, Charlie Ergonomic Salon bed, and Fleur Artist stool in all our our beautiful Vegan Leather shades. 

For questions about your salon furniture order, email info@plushandoak.com or call us toll free at 888-413-5955. We manufacture all pieces in North America (in-house) with our incredible upholstery team using all North American materials.