Quality Guarantee

1. We have a 99% customer satisfaction rate.

We strive to hit the mark every single time and while we are *almost* there, we encourage potential customers to use one of the following recommendations prior to purchasing whenever possible:

  1. Our salon showroom locator. We have recently updated and released our salon locator program, which allows potential Plush + Oak customers to find a salon near them with Plush + Oak beds and to book a service at the location of their choice to experience them in person as both a client and an artist and be able to order with confidence having tested our product in person.
  2. Talk to a salon owner who uses our furniture daily. If there are no showroom affiliates nearby, reach out to artists who have our beds in their salons. With a 99.1% satisfaction rating, there are lots of artists who can attest to their usage and longevity doing the same services that you will be offering on the beds. Whether this is lashes, brows, PMU, or facials. Our feed is full of amazing salons who use our product daily and are supportive to answer questions. 
  3. Book a virtual showing with us. Although we don’t carry stock beds, we do have a small showroom available to tour the beds for you. We can show you the squish of the beds, lay in them for you, demo any accessories and ensure you are set up for success prior to purchasing. Ask us any questions — we are happy to help!

2. We are committed to unparallelled quality and artisan upholstery.

Our products are meticulously crafted by our in-house upholstery team, boasting a rich legacy of producing over 3500 Plush + Oak items to date. Each piece is painstakingly handmade, tailored to our customers' precise specifications, with a keen eye for detail.

Currently, our team comprises 15 skilled artisan craftsmen, including seamstresses and upholsterers with decades of experience. They employ traditional techniques such as hand cutting, stitching, foaming, and upholstering, ensuring the utmost care and precision in every item. This dedication sets Plush + Oak products apart in the market, distinguishing them from mass-produced, overseas imports or factory-made goods.

We pride ourselves on using high-quality North American materials, including wood, suspension systems, foam, and upholstery materials. Our bed frames undergo a meticulous CNC process, where wood is laser-cut to exact specifications, ensuring consistent curvature across all pieces.

Internally, our beds feature a patented webbing structure designed for optimal softness and flexibility, while foam is meticulously laid in channelled flutes and individually stuffed to maximize comfort. This commitment to craftsmanship and quality materials ensures that every Plush + Oak product delivers unparalleled comfort and durability.

3. Fashion Meets Function. Our patented designs.

Plush + Oak revolutionizes the salon furniture industry with patented designs, aiming to disrupt norms and introduce unprecedented pieces. Under the motto "fashion meets function," we prioritize not only the aesthetic appeal but also the practicality of our products within salon environments. Traditionally, salon furniture has lacked diversity, often emphasizing functionality over ambiance. Our mission is to defy this trend by offering highly functional yet customizable pieces. With options to tailor materials, colors, and models, our furniture enables salon artists to showcase their unique branding and vision. Plush + Oak holds patents across various regions including Canada, USA, Mexico, UK, and Europe, ensuring exclusivity and availability solely through our channels.

4. We take care of our customers and provide peace of mind.

  1. Warranty: We take pride in offering an extensive 12-month warranty program. Our warranty covers framing, suspension, seams, stitching, and upholstery material integrity for 18 months from the date of receiving your order. If there are any issues within the first year, email us so we can ensure your satisfaction. 

  2. Shipping Insurance: Plush + Oak provides complimentary shipping insurance for our items, recognizing the long journey they undertake. If your beds arrive with any damage to the shipping box, promptly take photos before unpacking, as we can hold the shipping company accountable for any damage to the bed and arrange for necessary repairs or replacements.

  3. Unlimited Furniture Delivery Rates: Your delivery shipping rate includes all charges to transport your order from our warehouse to your doors. There are no additional fees incurred upon ordering. Our unlimited delivery rates ensure that regardless of the number of items in your cart, the shipping fee remains constant. The only exception is orders exceeding $6500, which qualify for free freight shipping.

  4. Bed Resale Assistance: Whether you're relocating, downsizing, or simply seeking a different color of bed and wish to sell your current one(s), we are always available to assist you in the resale of your Plush + Oak beds to your local market, regardless of the reason.

5. We provide client comfort positioning options.

We provide a range of accessories tailored to each bed model, offering additional support to our customers to ensure that every artist can customize their setup according to their comfort preferences. While these accessories are not mandatory, we believe in offering complementary additions to enhance the salon bed experience for our clients. The selection of accessories depends on various factors, including the type of artist utilizing the bed, the specific head angle positioning required for their clientele, the duration of their services, and whether consistent headrest positioning is necessary for all clients regardless of body type or height.

Lash artists and brow/PMU artists often find accessories particularly beneficial due to the critical importance of client head tilt and positioning on the headrest. Conversely, facial artists and spas typically have less need for these accessories. To streamline the purchasing process for our clients, we offer special pricing when bundling accessories with the purchase of a Plush + Oak bed. Our aim is to simplify the selection process for artists, ensuring they can easily curate the ideal assortment of products to meet their business requirements.  

Thank you.

To all of the business owners who have supported this endeavour we want to say thank you. We are beyond blessed to have made Plush + Oak beds for over 1700 businesses across North America thus far. We consider it a privilege to play a part in elevating your salons and ultimately — your success.