The Ultimate Shade Guide

The Plush + Oak guide to selecting the perfect shade of salon bed for your space, based on existing tonality in your space!
The Ultimate Shade Guide
Choosing the correct shade for your salon space can seem overwhelming... but we are here to help guide you through the process! This blog aims to help you narrow down your tonality options to see what you currently have in your space, and help select the best complimentary tones to enhance your salon and elevate it! While we still always recommend ordering complimentary shade swatch samples, read below to find out which tones you should be considering for your business based on what you currently have in studio. 

Plush + Oak is proud to offer 19 incredible shades to choose from, and has the most options of any salon furniture company on the market. Not only this, but the quality and durability is unparallelled when compared to imported salon furniture. We believe in creating pieces that last for years to come. With 19 shades however, some business owners freeze up when trying to begin their colour selection journey. Let's break it down into smaller sections to begin with...

Plush + Oak has 3 shade tone families. 
WARM (yellow, red undertones): Tobacco, Nude, Cappuccino
NEUTRAL (no undertones, neutral): Fawn, Antelope, Sand, Bone, Cashew
COOL (blue undertones): Ash, Charcoal, Ink, Stone, Cloud

To determine which colour family you should be considering, the first thing to consider is your flooring shade within your salon. If you have warm toned floors (cherry wood, yellow toned maple, or any flooring that pulls yellow or orange undertones) you are going to want to shop either the WARM shade family, or the NEUTRAL shades. Alternatively, if your floors are cool toned (marble, grey oak, concrete) you will want to steer clear of the WARM family, and shop the COOL, or NEUTRAL tones. 

Secondly, you will want to consider wall paint colour. Again, are they warm or cool? We say wall paint colour secondly as paint can be easily changed to suit your bed choice, but the same tonality rule applies above. 

First, let's show the ideal tonality flooring that is cool toned. 

Cool Shades
Do: Pair COOL shades with cool toned flooring. This allows everything in the space to co-exist without tonalities clashing (below)

Cool Shades
Don't: Pair COOL tones with warm toned floors. This breaks up the tonality of the space, and makes the objects clash with each other (below). 

Now, let's show the ideal tonality flooring that is warm toned. 

Warm Shades
Do: pair warm shades with warm flooring. This creates a beautiful warmth that flows throughout your space with tones complimenting each other in harmony. (below)

Warm Shades
Don't: pair WARM shades with COOL flooring (below). This causes a tonality clash of the warm and cool tones which doesn't flow naturally or create a welcoming ambiance (below). 

If your flooring isn't overly cool, or overly warm and sits in the middle... neutral shades compliment the widest assortment shades as they are neither ultra-warm or cool. If you're unsure of what tonality your floors are, this is the colour collection for you. 

Neutral Shades
Do: pair with slightly warm or cool toned flooring (below).

We hope this helps guide you in which swatch samples to order from us before placing your salon bed order! Remember, we also offer complimentary shade recommendations and product choosing support via email. Please email photos of your space to our in-house designer Courtney Buhler at and she will be happy to assist you with recommendations and guidance on the best furniture for your salon!