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Plush + Oak

Headrest Wrap

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Color — Cavaletti Cloud

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Headrest Wrap

Introducing Plush and Oak’s Headrest Protection Wrap, a meticulously designed addition to your salon bed, taking luxury, comfort and protection to the next level. This premium quality headrest protector serves as a safeguard, effectively repelling common spills and accidents that occur in a bustling salon environment. Ensure your investment stays pristine for longer.

Expertly crafted to hug the bed headrest area, our wrap provides a seamless fit that complements the aesthetics of your salon bed rather than compromising it. The wrap envelops the headrest, creating a barrier that defends against unsightly stains and potential damage from accidental spills. It seamlessly blends into the bed and is available in all iconic Plush + Oak shades or in a clear version.

Headrest Wrap