Plush + Oak Beds for Brow Artists with Cece Brows

This week our co-founder Courtney Buhler sits down with Chelsie Grady of Cece Brows to discuss her stunning design, and the use of Edda beds for eyebrow services and permanent makeup (PMU) exclusively. If you're a brow artist, get ready to be inspired! 
Plush + Oak Beds for Brow Artists with Cece Brows
This week our co-founder Courtney Buhler sits down with Chelsie Grady of Cece Brows to discuss her stunning design, and the use of Edda beds for eyebrow services and permanent makeup (PMU) exclusively. If you're a brow artist, get ready to be inspired! 

Q. First of all, your space is incredible. We knew when we saw the reel that we needed to feature you ASAP! We're all about good design. But before we get into that... tell us more about your brow business and your journey in the industry so far.

A: Since 2015, I have immersed myself in the captivating world of beauty. It all began with my humble beginnings as a makeup artist, honing my skills and perfecting the art of transformation. As time passed, my journey led me to explore the realm of esthetics, where I attained mastery as a dedicated practitioner. However, fate had more in store for me, and I eventually discovered my true calling: permanent makeup.
Nowadays, my entire existence revolves around the enchanting realm of permanent makeup, as well as conducting trainings and offering the exquisite service of brow laminations. It has become my all-consuming passion, filling my days with a profound sense of fulfillment and joy. The evolution of my career in the beauty industry has been a slow and deliberate ascent, woven with threads of determination and perseverance.

Reflecting upon my personal narrative, I am humbled by the circumstances from which I emerged. Born into a life devoid of privilege, I embarked on a courageous journey, leaving behind my hometown at the tender age of 21. My aim was to carve out a new path for myself, a life brimming with possibilities. Today, I stand proud as the first person in my family to graduate from any form of higher education and surpass the coveted six-figure milestone.
The magnitude of my accomplishments fills me with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and blessings. I am profoundly thankful for the opportunities bestowed upon me by this industry. It has not only provided me with a means of livelihood but also served as a catalyst for personal growth and transformation. Each day, I am reminded of the countless lives I have touched and the indelible impact I have made on those who seek my expertise.
In essence, my journey in the beauty industry is not merely a profession but a profound expression of my soul. It is a testament to the boundless potential that lies within each of us, regardless of our origins or circumstances. I am eternally grateful for the opportunities that have unfolded before me, and I am steadfast in my commitment to continue creating beauty, empowering others, and writing the next chapter of my extraordinary story.

We mainly serve lash artists with our beds and of course have brow and PMU artists using them also -- but can you talk about using your Edda beds for PMU and Brow services exclusively? I think a lot of our audience would like to hear about the brow experience on your Edda beds. 
A: The Edda bed has stolen my heart. Previously, I used a generic tattoo bed, but my clients never seemed truly comfortable. Now, with the Edda bed, the transformation is extraordinary. My clients peacefully slumber while I work on their face tattoos—an awe-inspiring phenomenon. The level of comfort and tranquility it affords is remarkable. The overwhelming positive feedback from my clients confirms its impact. No longer enduring discomfort, they effortlessly drift into serenity, allowing me to work with precision. 

Q: Okay, let's get to the good stuff! The brand. The design. Can you talk about the experience of branding yourself personally, translating it to your business, and ultimately the salon as your full brand experience?
A:  Creating my studio and academy brand was a joyous experience as I aimed to cultivate a homelike environment, considering the time I spend at work. Drawing inspiration from my condo that is Japandi styled. the fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian styles, I sought to capture tranquility and simplicity. Japandi design embodies the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi and Scandinavian hygge, celebrating imperfections and embracing comfort. My living space reflects this influence, exuding a serene ambiance with furniture predominantly sourced from CB2. The Edda bed seamlessly integrates into this setting, emanating CB2 vibes. It complements my workspace and embodies comfort and sophistication, harmonizing effortlessly with the Japandi inspired atmosphere, creating a serene haven for clients and myself by infusing Japandi design principles that resonate deeply.

Q: What colour did you select of the Edda beds and why? Your brand palette is fresh and young. How did the Edda support bringing your palette to life in your salon?

A: We selected the standard nude color for the Edda bed because it beautifully complemented our wood paneling, offering a subtle yet pleasing contrast in warm tones. The match is impeccable, creating a perfect harmony.

Q: How important would you say salon design is in your business strategy?

A: The salon's design speaks volumes, conveying a sense of opulence and luxury that elevates my clients' worth. It's crucial for me to create an environment that exudes sophistication, attracting my ideal clientele. Every aspect of the salon's design reflects my commitment to providing an exceptional experience, from meticulously selected furnishings to intricate details. By investing in the salon's aesthetic allure, I demonstrate my dedication to excellence and affirm to clients that they deserve the best. The carefully crafted environment visually reassures them that they've made the right choice, inviting them to indulge in an unforgettable, luxurious experience that emphasizes their own importance.

Q: I see you do trainings as well! What other future plans do you have?

A: I offer comprehensive training courses in permanent makeup, available both online and in person. Additionally, I provide specialized courses in brow lamination. To support the growth and success of PMU artists and esthetics providers, I also offer an online marketing course. As part of my future plans, I aim to develop a line of brow lamination styling products for my clients and curate an extensive collection of online resources. My ultimate goal is to empower and assist working professionals in the field of PMU and esthetics.

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