SoFlo & Co and their Ergonomic Dream Lash Bed Nook

Every detail is perfection at So Flo & Co. This week Courtney interviews Kaitlyn Bergeron on her incredible business, hiring a professional designer to bring the vision to life, and her review of her Plush + Oak Edda Ergonomic Salon beds.
SoFlo & Co and their Ergonomic Dream Lash Bed Nook

When we first saw SoFlo & Co, it was through an instagram reel showing the build out of one of the largest scale salons we have ever seen. Every detail is perfection. This week Courtney interviews Kaitlyn Bergeron on her incredible business, hiring a professional designer to bring the vision to life, and her review of her Plush + Oak beds.
Courtney: You have built an absolutely stunning and large scale beauty business, and have broken the norm as far as "niching down" with so may services at SoFlo and Co -- can you tell us how you got your start in the beauty industry and how you've grown it to such impressive scale? And more about all the services available at SoFlo?
Kaitlyn: Thank you for your kind words! I have always had a passion for the beauty industry, going back all the way to when I was a child, and excitedly joining my mother for her hair appointments and would talk stylists' ear off about all my big plans to open a salon one day, although my vision had evolved since then (thankfully! haha ). I attended hair school 20 years ago and was in the industry for 15 years working behind the chair as a stylist, and while growing my relationship with Aveda, spent a period of my career as a colour educator for this incomparable brand. My intention always was to own and operate my own Aveda salon and spa.  I had a vision, an area in the market that I wanted to fill, and I just took that leap. Once my mind is set on something, it will be all-consuming until I have accomplished it which can be fulfilling and exhausting! We have grown from one location with under ten employees to two locations and over 30 employees in 5 years. I attribute this to staying true to our brand,  exceptional guest experiences and the constant hunger for growth - I'm already thinking about what's next! At SoFlo we offer full hair, esthetic and massage services.

Courtney: Can you tell us about the visual brand identity of your business and how you translated that into the build out of your new space?
Kaitlyn: My friends and family tease me sometimes that I am so mesmerized by and have a taste for quality and design, which usually comes with a price point that takes a little more consideration; to me, surrounding myself, my family, which includes my family at SoFlo, with beauty is something that I take pride in and will not compromise on. 

We are an untraditional spa in the sense that we are not about serenity in the traditional sense.  Do you ever just go for a drive, coffee in hand and the music is pumping? Doesn't that just put you in the best mood? It does for me, and that's what I want my team and guests alike to feel when they come to SoFlo every day. Open concept to have comradery, music that energizes you , impeccable design and quality. Moncton is a beautiful, growing city, but I thought to myself, let's bring some big city energy. 

Courtney: I’m assuming (because the design is just UNREAL) you worked with a design agency for the salon build out. Tell us more about that experience. Do you recommend more artists and salon owners take this approach opposed to doing it on their own? 
Kaitlyn: Yes, I did! I worked with Patrick Gagnon from Interior Concept Studio here in Moncton, NB. 
Patrick took everything I had in my head, my vision, and he brought it to life. I cannot imagine having done this without him. Having a professional for your design will take whatever you have envisioned in your mind beyond what you thought it could be. Find someone you trust, someone who understands your vision, and if you have the opportunity, hire Patrick! 

Courtney: You have two beautiful Edda beds in the shade tobacco for your salon with the most gorgeous light I have ever seen beaming in through the windows. Can you tell us why you chose Plush + Oak beds and how the experience on them has been from an artist perspective and client perspective? 
Kaitlyn: The natural light is spectacular, we love it! I chose the plush and oak beds for a few reasons. I wanted comfort for my team and guests alike, and I wanted the wow factor. When I first laid eyes on the Edda beds, I knew they would become part of the design for SoFlo & Co. I want SoFlo to stand out and the Edda beds were the perfect way to set this space apart. Let me tell you, they do not disappoint; In both comfort and looks - truly a step above the rest. 

Courtney: What services do you offer on your Edda salon beds?
Kaitlyn: Our Edda beds are incorporated into our open concepts space so we can really show them off, although in their own 'nook', they're still very visible. We offer lash extensions, any brow or lash service and even dermaplaning [on the beds]. 

Courtney: What are your future plans, and what is some advice that you would give to salon owners wanting to grow to the scale you have?
Kaitlyn: I cannot share specifics of my future plans for SoFlo at this time, but I can tell you that continued growth is always a part of the agenda! If you want to grow your salon or spa, be sure that you have identified your brand, your vibe, and own it. It won't be everybody's cup of tea, but if you believe in it, it will flourish. Secondly, have a strong team. Take your time to find the right people and let go of those who don't align with your vision and company values. Know that it's not an easy road but totally worth it.
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To shop Kaitlyn’s beds of choice: Edda Cloud bed in Shade: Tobacco.